• Wilson MinerWilson Miner, over 6 years ago

    That's a relevant question at the moment, because we're structuring this new company to be able to work on many things over time. As we're starting out, there are lots of possibilities, but it can be tricky to develop a pattern of: what are the characteristics of a project we want to tackle? What are problems that are worth solving that we are especially suited to solve?

    Jim Coudal has shared a list of questions he asks when they're considering a new project:

    1. Will we be able to do good work?
    2. Will we be able to make money?
    3. Will we be able to learn a little something new along the way?

    I think that's a good framing for thinking about new projects whether it's for a company or in an individual career. If you ask one or two of those questions and not the others, in my experience, it doesn't work out so well in the end.

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