• Ari SawyersAri Sawyers, over 6 years ago

    Do you think that working at Apple and Facebook in the past influences your design decisions today? Also, if you were to hire a designer, would you be biased towards one who has worked at a large company such as those?

    (As a side note - I saw you at Brooklyn Beta from across the room, but then you disappeared somehow...)

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    • Wilson MinerWilson Miner, over 6 years ago

      Sure, absolutely. Both places gave me an opportunity to work closely with a lot of incredibly smart and talented people all working at a very high level. I've learned more from the people I've worked with over the years than any class or book or conference.

      As far as hiring, I think there are people who can be really successful in large organizations that don't do as well in other environments, so I don't think I'd be biased specifically towards that. There's a certain sense of rubber-stamp validation that if somebody made it through the gatekeepers at Fancy Company X, they must be good, but that doesn't always mean they will be a good fit for something else.

      (At 6'5" I'm easy to spot, but I'm very wily.)

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