AMA Design Lead Milan Moffatt from SuperHi

5 years ago from Milan Moffatt, Design Lead at SuperHi

  • Vipul. MishraVipul. Mishra, 5 years ago

    Hi Milan, thanks for taking the question.

    Yes, this is what I meant - how is designing for clients different than planning design courses?

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    • Milan Moffatt, 5 years ago

      Good question!

      So when I was freelancing or at an agency, my design work was heavily influenced by the clients and stakeholders. We had research and discovery phases, but due to clients or limited resources I was often unable to dive into a truly iterative design process that included constant user feedback and testing.

      At SuperHi, we build, launch and test constantly. We always listen to our students and the experiences they have with our courses, video tutorials and SuperHi editor, and we’re always working to improve things.

      We design courses based on years of teaching experience from Rik and Lawrence, our existing courses and working to understand our students (and potential students) and what they want and need. It’s really rewarding and we’re constantly learning.

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