AMA Design Lead Milan Moffatt from SuperHi

5 years ago from Milan Moffatt, Design Lead at SuperHi

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    I think that value really comes through in all aspects!

    A few more questions:

    1. Do you ever find yourself feeling "spread too thin" working on so many different aspects of SuperHi? How do you juggle so many different roles? I've worked at agencies where you're sort of expected to take on anything that needs to get done for a project, but sometimes I wish I could just focus on one part of the puzzle.

    2. What are some of your current fav tunes?

    3. What is the origin of the name SuperHi?

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    • Milan Moffatt, 5 years ago
      1. I’ve juggled a lot of different things in the past year for sure! I’ve learned to prioritize and not work on too many different things in any given day or week. Every sprint, I typically focus on 1-2 main goals (e.g. creating a UX Design mini-course) and handle other smaller design tasks on the side. We’ve refined our processes a lot in the past year, and that’s helped us all manage our projects and goals. We work in sprints and establish individual and team goals in a kickoff meeting. We all manage our own tasks and schedules, and work together to get things done. Establishing process is important to us as a remote team and I’ve gotten good at planning and project management. We also hired the fabulous and amazing Kristen recently, so it’s great having another designer to work with.

      2. I’ve been listening to Tierra Whack, Childish Gambino, Drake, The Carters, and Ariana Grande lately.

      3. All is revealed in this video from 1994. It's a nod to the early internet, where things were imperfect, experimental and fun.

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