• Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, over 1 year ago

    Total bummer. Does she backup to iCloud or any other service? When I get a new MacBook it takes an hour tops to set it up. Then I just let it sit overnight to download everything stored on the cloud.

    Apple might make a special exception since its just over a year old. This is the reason I always get a computer with AppleCare+, plus I find that the cost is offset due to higher resale value when it’s time to upgrade.

    Last time I had to bring my laptop into the shop, I just purchased a brand new MacBook and returned it when the work on mine was completed.

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    • Account deleted over 1 year ago

      No. We've got everything backed up on external harddrives, but she is crazy busy, so in the last 4 months (when these problem start really building up) we havent had time to get into an apple store, due to eitherbeing in New Zealand, where there are none, or travelling around and not being in the same country/place for more than a week. But yeah, shes got a break for the next three weeks so I plan on taking it into the apple store. To be honest this is one of the reasons why i dont mind paying more for apple products - the after purchase support is extremely good.

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