Shards Dashboard UI Kit - Free & Modern Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Templates(

7 months ago from Catalin Vasile, Designer. Developer. Maker.

  • Todd FTodd F, 7 months ago

    "Free" as in "give us your email address, subscribe to our newsletter and agree to our privacy policy required" kind of free – which I mention only because there are people who make things (often quite nice things) and give them away for the real kind of free where you don't have to conduct any sort of transaction at all. As someone designing user interfaces and experiences, you definitely wouldn't want to confuse the Facebook kind of "free" with the real free and make someone have a bad experience. (sorry for the edit after you had responded - I was just trying to add some context and I guess we were typing at the same time).

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    • , 7 months ago

      Hey Todd! With the new GDPR we are required to ask users to review and agree with our Privacy Policy. However, you are not required to subscribe to our Newsletter in order to download the kit. We are using this download system to track unique product downloads on our site and the process is openly described in simple terms in our Privacy Policy. If you'd still like to avoid downloading the UI kit this way, I completely understand your skepticism and you can download it via GitHub:

      Best, Catalin

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