Copy handoff tool in SketchApp - better collaboration between UI designers & copywriters(

over 2 years ago from Vipul. Mishra, Maker & founder of Visual Inspector @CanvasFlip Inc

  • Vipul. Mishra, over 2 years ago

    Hey DNers, first of all thanks for all the love to Visual Inspector. Second, a good news - Sketch integration is coming in Visual Inspector.

    As an UI designers, we have been collaborating website copy over Word documents. This doesn't allow designers to test copy on design and results in iteration on staging phase.. It used to happen to me.. A lot. It was painful and had to change.

    That's why - Scribble - world's first content handoff tool for designers which allows you to:

    • Sync artboards to cloud
    • Invite copywriters to visualize website copy
    • Sync text back in Sketch.

    Sounds awesome, isn't it? Better collaboration means lesser iteration & faster work done.

    Don't be reading? Grab your free access slot and get 2-months of premium features - It's on the house.

    Cheers!! V.M.

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