• Alaric Hartsock, over 1 year ago

    all i can say is that leonardo da vinci would never get butthurt at somebody trying to recreate the mona lisa. because he was the only person who was able to make something like it. i see the same thing with a lot of these designs. obviously, there are a lot of similarities between yours and the one that got posted. but it looks like they took inspiration instead of ripping you off.

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    • Robert Novak, over 1 year ago

      Hi Alaric, thanks for your comment on it.

      Actually, what happened lately was Behance took off his work from the public view and made him to change that ripped part. So he afterwards took another design from the internet and replaced by it.

      It looks that Behance has a lot of sensitivites about stealing someone’s work. Also I had to prove that this is my only work and I did thanks to my Dribbble post where you can’t change your shot ones you post it.

      The point is that wasn’t a ripping, that was a stealing - because he didn’t recreate nothing, he steal the full image and put on his project!

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