Why You Shouldn't Design Wireframes in Sketch(whimsical.co)

2 years ago from Steve Schoeffel, Co-Founder at Whimsical

  • Steve Schoeffel, 2 years ago

    Yep, I can empathize with getting the clients onboarded to additional tools. It's a legitimate pain point.

    That being said, wireframes PNGs from Whimsical can be exported into InVision (albeit manually at this point) if the desire is to do everything in there.

    Of course I'm biased but I think the wireframing process feels really fast in Whimsical compared to doing something similar in Sketch (pre-built elements, thousands of searchable icons, wireframe-specific shortcuts, etc). But time will tell how many others feel the same way and if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. As I mentioned in one of the other comments, we hope to build a unified workspace that's tailored to the ideation phases of building software.

    Would love for you to give Whimsical a spin and to hear your thoughts on the actual product experience, though of course no pressure. Cheers!

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