Why You Shouldn't Design Wireframes in Sketch(whimsical.co)

over 3 years ago from Steve Schoeffel, Co-Founder at Whimsical

  • Steve SchoeffelSteve Schoeffel, over 3 years ago

    Hey Matt, appreciate your input here! No doubt that Sketch and Figma are powerful tools. I use them myself and they're great. But they are made primarily for high-fidelity design and for full-time designers.

    When it comes to wireframes, we are hoping to empower not just full-time designers but also product people, devs, marketers, entreprenuers, etc to wireframe the ideas they have. Even though Sketch/Figma are way more approachable than something like Photoshop was back in the day, they are still complex and hard to use for non-designers. Whimsical makes it possible for entire teams (including all the non-designers) to collaborate and design and make products together.

    But even for designers, not all teams have a fully built-out component library that does everything they need. That's a fairly significant investment and can be time consuming to manage. Even when it is built, it's still slower to design something like a table or just a simple radio list.

    And that's what I was getting at with the button example in the post. You have to worry yourself with far too many details and adjustments and pixels when you're in Sketch. This diverts your attention and time from exploring and working through the bigger ideas.

    We worked hard to define fairly rigid constraints in Whimsical so that it would remain semantic and fast and simple. Hopefully, as we continue to build more elements and features into it, it will demonstrate even more clearly its advantages and usefulness.

    Anyway, just wanted to explain a bit more. There's a more detailed write-up of some of these same points here: https://whimsical.co/design/fast-collaborative-wireframing-app/


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