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9 months ago from Paul @Stammy, Staff Product Designer at Twitter

  • John PJohn P, 9 months ago

    However, there are definitely areas where an iPad Pro does not make sense at this time. For one, there's no way to transfer files between an external hard drive except for a few constrained workflows. Doing any real web dev and design is going to be a challenge and slowdown without a dedicated desktop browser and inspector/dev tools, along with the ability to install and run background processes as needed. I can't yet do my day job on this iPad Pro where I need to design and develop with an advanced prototyping tool for macOS called Framer. Even if my mockup design tool of choice (Sketch) existed for the iPad Pro, the speed with which I can create and manage dozens of mockups with the precision of a mouse would be sorely lacking

    So....... errr..... what EXACTLY can it do? Sounds to me like it's just an email and slack machine.

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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 8 months ago

      He's not arguing that it could replace your work computer, but that it replaced his home computer (used for browsing, hobbies, and the like) and maybe it could replace yours too.

      I for one can vouch for the viability of an ipad to replace ones home computer (obviously depeneding on what you use your home pc for). I replaced mine with an iPad mini and it was fantastic.

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      • Joey PrijsJoey Prijs, 8 months ago

        So the article is simply repeating, or rather, confirming what Apple says during each of their keynotes?

        Of course you can replace your computer with a tablet if you only use it to read emails, watch videos, browse the internet etc.. It's literally what it's made for..

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      • John PJohn P, 8 months ago

        This is exactly what the original iPad was created for though, let alone the "Pro"...

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