Material Design is a political choice(

almost 3 years ago from Tiago Franco

  • Akshay ChauhanAkshay Chauhan, almost 3 years ago

    If you work on enterprise products which are platforms and have products, services and a marketplace/app store, you are better off with using material design framework as a starting point.

    Those enterprise products can go over 1000 screens. And sometimes with

    1. Executives that don't understand design
    2. Small Design team
    3. Scarcity of talented designers in the city
    4. Scarcity of frontend developers in the city

    In those cases, Material design is a great common ground/solution.

    I think framework choice is largely dependent on competence, size of team, importance of design in a company. I guess its mostly an organizational choice like P.J. Onori said too.

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