Material Design is a political choice(

almost 3 years ago from Tiago Franco

  • Todd FTodd F, almost 3 years ago

    Designers don't make functioning apps, developers do. The goal of Material Design is to remove "design" as a required skill to make a usable app in order to avoid having continuing damage done to the Android brand via the visual and behavioral abominations that used to represent the bulk of Android apps.

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    • Tiago FrancoTiago Franco, almost 3 years ago

      Kinda. Apple has design guidelines for iOS since the begining, but they are iOS only. Material design goes one step further and aims also for the web.

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    • Account deleted almost 3 years ago

      Yeah and then we come up with thousands of apps and websites looking basically the same - just like frameworks the developers used to build them. Developers MAKE but solutions need to be designed and unfortunately, it turns out that in this race of economic optimization the design stages are omitted. One of the symptoms are the job ads like "UX Developer" where you have 50% of UX Design and 50% of coder/developer tasks in the description. YEAH, SURE. And then we have all the drawbacks of solutions not being designed but just produced - bad UX, illogical, data-driven interface, elements of the UI done "because it's faster to implement", etc. Good things are designed, not just made, remember that. You will learn it eventually, arguing the idiocy of developers being able to design or design being something that can be avoided.

      I would say that making frameworks "do the job of good design" is like saying CMS templates do the job of a developer - why code something, why program? You install a CMS, a template and off we go. Wonderful, right?

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