What the hell happened with DN?

3 years ago from Martin Bavio, User Interface Person

  • Rob MasefieldRob Masefield, 3 years ago

    Nailed it first go.

    To be fair though... it's just followed the pattern of any/all online forums/communities. They launch to a closed or largely curated audience that is passionate about the subject matter and the quality of the input by members.

    The time eventually comes when bugs have been identified and squashed, and enhancements made to the point that it's time to start thinking about how to start making money from the platform in order to pay for keeping the platform up and running.

    Online ads/promos are largely blocked or just perceived/ignored as "white noise" these days, so the only way to attempt to get these promo efforts to cut through on a free site is simply through traffic. The logical way to easily increase the volume of traffic is to open the platform to the public, especially if that platform has already garnered some traction in the media.

    Inevitably, it's at this point that the focused, informed opinion of the closed community quickly becomes diluted by self-promoters and ill-informed attention-seekers.

    It happens time-after-time, forum-after-forum and DN certainly is no different in this regard.

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