What the hell happened with DN?

3 years ago from Martin Bavio, User Interface Person

  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 3 years ago

    The signal/noise ratio is getting worse over time. I think this community can be incredibly supportive when it needs to be but also very drive-by snarky (the latter keeps it mostly male oriented.)

    First day registration comments are really lousy too. I've seen posts introducing products or designs that were infiltrated by fellow coworkers just blatantly shaming the community without any context about the general vibe of the place. It's not really a great place to swoop into a tribe you know nothing about and begin virtue signaling like a missionary (or worse yet, eventually hopping on twitter to get virtue points from their tribe).

    I earnestly like to read about software updates, learn about bugs and features and such, and that stuff keeps me around. There's also some smart people around with good feedback at times as well for whatever.

    And yeah, sorry, but making fun of a really poorly written, self-serving Medium post can be pretty enjoyable, but all that said, if you compare DN to Twitter, we're really not that bad, just less engaged.

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