AMA: Adobe XD Free Starter Plan

over 1 year ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Thiago DuarteThiago Duarte, over 1 year ago

    I know is not straight about XD, but do you guys know if there are any plans for changing the way Adobe products subscription works?

    I always think about subscribing (to do a personal portfolio, side project or keep exploring the tools at home), then I realize that I'll have to subscribe for a full year and I'll make no profit. Then I'll have to contact the support to cancel my subscription and pay a cancellation fee... Just a nightmare.

    I love what you guys are doing with XD, but I wish Adobe had better pricing and no annual commitment for people that just want to explore their creativity or learn other Adobe products.

    Thank you for your time.

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    • Kyle Galle, over 1 year ago

      Hi Thiago, thank you for the feedback. There aren't any changes to the current subscription offerings. If you don't mind sharing, which subscription are you trying to sign up for (All Apps, Photography plan, etc.)?

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      • Thiago DuarteThiago Duarte, 1 year ago

        I wanted to have the All Apps (because there's no "3~4 apps of your choice" so I can start learning Premiere, After Effects and Lightroom (I had sometime to start playing with it at work). Also you always need Photoshop for something.

        I think a simple change like having the trial by hours of usage instead of days would be helpful, because side projects are always left for later and when I had time to continue, my trial was expired and I couldn't continue learning the software.

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        • Radley MarxRadley Marx, 1 year ago

          If you're doing Premiere / After Effects, most likely you'll end up using Illustrator (for titles, graphics) and Audition (for the sound mix). That's essentially the bulk of the CC platform.

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        • Kyle Galle, 1 year ago

          Hi Thiago, thank you for sharing; makes sense. I will share with the teams that work on trials.

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