AMA: Adobe XD Free Starter Plan

over 1 year ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Radley MarxRadley Marx, over 1 year ago

    Any plans to do floating / docking panels with an independent window like other CC apps? Or will XD be limited to Sketch's all-in-one application frame?

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    • Kyle Galle, over 1 year ago

      Hi Radley, yes, Adobe XD has a floating panel for Creative Cloud Libraries. You can see it in action here for bringing vector artwork into XD. More details on the Creative Cloud Libraries panel is here. I will check with the team if there are any future plans around additional panels.

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      • Radley MarxRadley Marx, over 1 year ago

        FWIW, I'm strongly interested in separating the application frame. I use a large monitor and prefer menu items to be in a fixed, constant position for better muscle memory.

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        • , over 1 year ago

          Hi Radley, thank you for the feedback. Yes, that makes sense; I utilize several large monitors for work. I would add your vote to this request here.

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