AMA: Adobe XD Free Starter Plan

over 1 year ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Talin WadsworthTalin Wadsworth, over 1 year ago

    The team is hard at work on this feature right now! Along with other upgrades to the Asset panel workflows. Question for you: are you looking for standard scaling behaviors, or something a little more responsive? Thanks!

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    • Amazing RandoAmazing Rando, over 1 year ago

      Standard scaling is the baseline. Without it, using XD has been a novelty only.

      Dynamic scaling ... that would be an excellent bonus.

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      • Talin WadsworthTalin Wadsworth, 1 year ago

        Thanks for the feedback Amazing Rando! Basic scaling and dynamic scaling are in active development. You'll probably see one before the other, but both are on the roadmap for this year. Thanks!

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        • Amazing RandoAmazing Rando, 1 year ago

          (Three months later) Seems that I still can't scale symbols in XD. Continues to be a novelty app.

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