• Jan Vu Nam, over 1 year ago

    Thank you all for your amazing answers! I am overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the replies I got from you guys. Good job!

    Apart from few interesting tips, most of you still seem to annotate design changes manually. Doesn't matter what tool, but it seems like most of you still go back and document the design changes on your own. Either in some annotation tool or as comments on changed elements - but the problem is still there - you get distracted from the creation process to document things you've already done.

    I believe there is an opportunity to complete automate this documenting part. Imagine you upload two versions of the designs - one older and one newer - and the app automatically tells you exactly what changed - down to the layers level.

    I tried to visualise it during the weekend: https://cl.ly/rhmK/

    Would something like this make your life easier? Or do you consider the problem so small that it's not worthy solving? (inserts forever alone meme).

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