• Jan Vu Nam, over 1 year ago

    Thanks for your lengthy comment Thomas! I appreciate the effort!

    In the ideal world - yes, this should be the practice. Sadly, in the world or startup hustle, things can and do change very fast.

    Especially when your team is working on one particular product, you will never be really "done". You can never see all the cards in the deck at the start, and some things you simply don't learn until some real users get their hands on your product.

    It's a classic iterative design mantra - Plan - Prototype - Feedback - Implementation - Evaluation - Plan …

    It's simply necessary to keep growing your product, and there will be no perfect research or a masterplan in the beginning that will guarantee you a unicorn in a first go - but rather years of carefully listening to your users and delivering.

    That sometimes means changing the design too… in smaller or bigger ways.

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