• Andrew C, over 1 year ago

    Sprint demos. A squads dev lead, pm and design (or a combo of these, but ideally all) need to show their work every week. You critique and write polish tickets in JIRA for them. Then at the next demo for this project the changes that happened or didn’t happen are apparent and able to be discussed as a team.

    This keeps feedback mostly about what you’re actually releasing (design mockups are useful but always a best guess as to what the future will be), it puts the team through the fire together and builds camaraderie, and it keeps decisions visible.

    There’s a few things you need to enable demos: agile and OKRs, a focus on outcomes and not release output (if a feature isn’t done and you need extra time that’s a success not a failure), be comfortable having dev and pm design alongside you (this is agile btw), and you need to structure direct feedback so it isn’t just a barrage of negativity. I like to use the positive/negative/questions/ideas framework to structure feedback.

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