• Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 2 years ago

    Pure black text and backgrounds with white can cause discomfort for the eye when users read the text over an extended period of time, leading to eye strain.

    There are so many factors that dictate contrast ratio, including display technology (IPS vs TN vs OLED etc), screen brightness, screen colour profile and abilities, as well other features like True Tone, automatic brightness adjustment (which can alter more than just brightness), and accessibility settings. You can’t really know how colours are going to look on someone’s display, and that’s okay. There is no one black. There is no one white.

    Here’s a good reason to not use pure black: OLED displays have slower response time for pixels that are completely off — changing from off to a colour is slower than changing from one colour to another. The lag is very pronounced on current OLED displays, including the iPhone X and Pixel 2. It’s just how the display tech works. If you scroll a list of black and grey items on a white background, the black items will be out of sync with the grey items.

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