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  • Roman PohoreckiRoman Pohorecki, over 2 years ago

    Since you guys profess to make interfaces, here is a list of some minor inconsistencies related to IA and interactions.

    1. The project lists shows a strong hover to the right along with a right arrow. This implies direction but upon click you have fade transition to the next page.
    2. The "<- Menu" button also implies direction back, but you use a fade transition. Leaving out the arrow would be more appropriate.
    3. If I'm in a project and I click the "Let's Chat" button, I get a page with a "X Close" button. That would lead me to believe I can close this page and be right back where I was. That's not the case because "X Close" always goes back to the home page.
    4. If I go to a project, scroll to the bottom, click "Home", and then click back via browser I get a blank white page for 4 seconds.
    5. When I get to "Home" at the bottom, the down arrow rotates up which implies a typical pattern of scrolling up. Some of the site navigation is housed in buttons, which adds to the confusion.
    6. When I get to the bottom of a project page, I can force-scroll and see a peek of the homepage, which is a tiny bit frustrating because I'm led to try it a few times.
    7. If I'm in Careers and click on a position, I see a section of the page briefly and then get scrolled to the top. I then have to scroll down to where I was because the interaction implied a starting point. Somewhat confusing behavior for a simple webpage.

    I welcome a debate on these points. Besides these minor quibbles it's a beautiful website.

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