Walmart new homepage design – Is it better?(

almost 2 years ago from Dan Mazig, Founder @

  • Dan MazigDan Mazig, almost 2 years ago

    From a visual perspective, it looks wonderful. Very rich and engaging content.

    The main problem for me is navigation. Trying to simplify such a huge website by hiding discovery features into a hamburger menu (on desktop!) is a big flaw.

    Many users don't have an item in mind when they visit a website like Walmart, therefore the use for Search is specific. Showing categories, departments and discovering trending items and deals, without the need to click, drives users to explore more items.

    Hard to say without Walmart's internal data but I feel like they are missing out on understanding big part of their audience.

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    • Taras Dashkevych, almost 2 years ago

      Hey Dan, Thank you for sharing your point of view!

      Totally agree with you regarding to the navigation. I think they've done too much of simplifications in the primary menu, and some links require additional actions in order to find out their purpose.

      For example, the icons on the right hand side. Personally, I would not say that they are very intuitive.

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