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almost 2 years ago from Tareq Ismail, Principal Designer, Amplitude Inc.

  • Simon Deighton, almost 2 years ago

    One thing I noticed that the background colour is off on my screen

    The grey video background is #e3e2e3 where as the site background is #e6e6e6

    Also a slight difference in the bottom lighter colour #f7f5f7 and #f7f7f9

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    • Tareq IsmailTareq Ismail, almost 2 years ago

      Thanks Simon!

      I struggled with this since it seems to be something related to monitor color profiles. I tried to color pick the correct color on 3 different monitors but it's slightly different for each. Plus on top of that the video file needs to be compressed a bit so color is slightly shifted as well.

      I've read a few things around using Canvas tag to do actual transparency which might be a better bet.

      Open to any suggestions or links people have around the topic!

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      • David HaririDavid Hariri, almost 2 years ago

        I've had this issue working with video as well. What I did find was using absolute white and absolute black was web-safe.

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