Meet Hadron. A tool that makes design with code easy and visual(

almost 5 years ago from Nacho García , co-founder of

  • Nacho García , almost 5 years ago

    Hello Mike! thank you for taking the time to question those things!

    The point of Hadron is not seeing how the code output is being generated, but to help you generate it yourself. A way to see it is that we simplify development so much in making it visual that it can be used for designing too.

    This is a different approach from Webflow which is more like mocking the Web Platform (CSS & HTML) in a complex UI that makes it easy for them to transform it into a web of their choice behind the scenes.

    One example: Hadron lets you pick up a library or framework of your choice (currently only Polymer 2) and you can explore, modify and export the whole project. Whereas WebFlow only lets you export to an auto-generated web they control, in which they choose the dependencies (like a webflow library or jquery I think). And it's only for paid accounts.

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