• Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 3 years ago

    dropbox.com, intercom.com and now this site have started to use this strange and child-like illustration style. I don't know where the trend began but I kind of hope it dies because I personally find it to look hideous and crude. (My opinion)

    Intercom illustration

    Dropbox illustration

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    • fsdgerh wrheherfsdgerh wrheher, 3 years ago

      To each their own, I suppose. I personally love it, I feel like it gives much needed personality to the flat design movement. Allows for more creativity in place of skeuomorphism.

      P.S. I think you missed my joke. You asked who started this trend, and then listed who started the trends.

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    • Joey Di Nardo, 3 years ago

      There was a bit of similar buzz around the time when Google did their major rebrand.... 2015 was it? Kindergarten-chic I think people were calling it. You can also see it at Basecamp and KnowYourCompany.

      If I'm getting philosophical about it, I think it's a materialization of the "so easy a child could use it" ethos. The cynic in me wants to think that instead of actually making the products easier to use and achieving those goals, it's much easier to project the outward aesthetic of having achieved those goals. Very much tell, don't show.

      That being said I'm not at all criticizing this site! I personally love the aesthetic and the work you've put into it Joakim, I'm just speaking to where I think the larger influencing forces of this aesthetic come from.


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