• Justin Fraga, over 3 years ago

    Thanks! I downloaded the trial. Not really clear to me on the proper flow using Keyshape. Are you exporting Sketch as SVG or designing natively in KS?

    Here's one apparent critical difference: I am actually able to export Lottie animations with imagery, not just vector/shape. My devs learned to reference the source files (/images) that Bodymovin' generates when you use bitmaps in an animation. This is a subject for a different post, but so far I'm getting away with using gradients, shadows, glows, textures, etc. It doesn't appear I can do that with Keyshape.

    There's no question Ai is cumbersome. But, when the total number of artboards and assets is low, and the number of complex animations is high, is it more cumbersome than dealing with Sketch's atrocious SVG export and constantly cleaning/prepping the layers for animation? These are unique circumstances and perhaps they give Ai the edge just this once. For every other mobile project I have going on, it's Sketch all the way.

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