• Robert Williams, over 2 years ago

    Interesting! So the benefit in investing in UX design is that a business gets to: stop guessing about how to improve the experience a customer has, and therefore makes improving it cheaper because a higher percentage of effort is successful?

    When does a business benefit most by caring about this (improving the customer experience)? Is there a calculation a business can make to ensure that UX design project will be profitable?

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    • Nikhil VootkurNikhil Vootkur, over 2 years ago

      For one thing, bad UX could mean not being able to pay for a product. I would say that could help become profitable lol

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      • , 2 years ago

        Interesting, how could bad UX mean not being able to pay for the product?

        This is the exact assumption I think designers make that seems obvious to them, but would benefit the rest of the world if it were made explicit.

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        • Nikhil VootkurNikhil Vootkur, 2 years ago

          I actually just had this experience with Carbonmade. When trying to find a way to upgrade my account, I was unable to find the interface for upgrading. In this case, poor design lost them 12 dollars a month.

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        • Noah MittmanNoah Mittman, 2 years ago

          One service provider's site had a dropdown to enter the expiry year of my credit card, which was missing from their options. Any UX designer of any level would have caught this.

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