Volkswagen plans to change their logo(

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  • Wouter RamakerWouter Ramaker, 3 years ago

    I think this was a very conscious decision. There was a radically new design language needed to reflect the paradigm shift that was happening. It was a way for the people who were ahead of the curve to show that they were. If the cars would have looked like every other model out there, there would have been very little incentive to buy a car that was less practical (smaller range, less points to 'refuel') but more expensive.

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    • Peedu TuiskPeedu Tuisk, 3 years ago

      Yep, I agree that it was a conscious decision, I also think it was the wrong one. Tesla made the right call when they started the process with creating the electric supercar first and targeting the benefits of an electric car: insane acceleration, quiet, etc, instead of just mitigating the downsides.

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