Button's shouldn't have a hand cursor (part 2)(adamsilver.io)

almost 2 years ago from Adam Silver, Interaction designer focused on inclusive design and design systems

  • Chris Gallello, almost 2 years ago

    Yeah I'm really confused by this series of posts. What's the harm in making buttons use cursor:pointer, especially when most of the internet does this? I don't agree that it's reasonable to say that every button should look distinctly like an old fashioned button. Visual styles are not inconsequential.

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    • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, almost 2 years ago

      Also; it mimics real life buttons. Which you press. With your finger.

      For the record, I didn't read the articles because it sounded like nonsense, and I see so many good reasons why it's required to change the cursor, and why the finger is (imo) the perfectly fitting tool for it. More so than for anything else.

      The headlines made me second-guess it in the case of everything OTHER than buttons, actually.

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