It's ok to quit, right?

over 3 years ago from Jay Cruz

  • John Moore Williams, over 3 years ago

    It is okay to quit, of course(!), if that's what you feel like the right step is.

    But I will say that, for my part, it took 5+ years working gear-grinding, often-demoralizing jobs in the field to get to where I am now, really enjoying my work. In fact, I was mid-career switch when I got the offer that really made things work. And I got that offer because of someone I worked with at one of those gear-grinding roles. Maybe try attending some meetups, conferences, and other IRL events where you can start connecting with others in the field.

    Success takes time. And I think you'll find that most jobs aren't "really just a job." What you do 40+ hours a week has a way of defining who you are. If you don't want that, it may in fact be best to look elsewhere.

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