• Grilo Maria, 2 years ago

    A morning routine with my eyes shut is not what I strive for. I think my philosophy on usability is almost cerimonial: yes there is a pragmatical aspect to all those interactions, and getting stuff done is really important - but - it's not just the end that matters to me. It's also the path I took to get there, and there's a visual and sensorial aspect to it that should provide some level of pleasure in my interactions.

    That being said, enjoying the things I do because of how I do them will ultimately end up being a very important metric on the long run, because that's what keeps me coming back - not just the "I have to", the "I want to" is crucial too (also, consider that a lot of digital products people use are not products they truly need, they just like them).

    This could be just me and the way I see life, but if you can layer these principles of on top of excellent usability, everybody wins.

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