• Louis EguchiLouis Eguchi, 2 years ago

    Great article - it does make me wonder though, how would you make a brutalist web or app design without that being a copy of a copy - do you have to push things to an absolute extreme juxtaposition of the usual way of doing things.

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    • Grilo Maria, 2 years ago

      I think, as a movement, brutalism actually gives you a lot of space to explore and not use the same patterns as everyone else.

      But hey, I used brutalism as one of probably many other ways there are to escape from the repetitive designs currently being done. That was my point. At least right now, brutalism is probably the most visible one, or?

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      • Drew Marshall, almost 2 years ago

        Brutalism in architecture was for purely for the architects who designed them. The style a was a complete failure with users (tenants). If the problem solved is "don't be boring" who's asking for this particular solution? There's a reason Dropbox's actual product interface will never align with their marketing sites.

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