• Sarah A, 2 years ago

    1) Yes, it's always okay to quit. If you honestly feel that its not the right industry for you then that is okay. But... you have some options as well.

    2) Design IS about solving problems! You need to be through when applying for positions to find places that try to solve problems, and value design. Look for positions at places with established design teams so you can find a mentor!

    3) It takes everyone a while to get hired. When I last looked for jobs it took almost 6 months to get my stuff together (Cover letters, portfolio, resume), apply to places I was interested in (and a few I wasn't just because), and hear back. Sometimes a company won't contact you for a couple weeks after receiving your resume. Don't be discouraged. (I've been in the industry for 6 years and am a Senior Level designer)

    4) You expect people to contact you back but you've put all your reasoning behind your work in a PDF they have to click to open. Each project should have a few images/screenshots/wireframes on the project page, and a decent summary of timeline/goals/project details. Most recruiters are getting multiple applications in at a time, its your job to make your site as frictionless as possible for them to see the quality and process of your work. Treat your portfolio work like you would a essay, have an intro (the TLDR), the middle bulk (all the details), and a end conclusion (Summary). Companies looking at entry level candidates, should be looking for critical thinking skills, and the ones you want to work for understand your level of design skill will grow as you go along.

    5) Look for positions with a wide variety of titles. There are "Experience Designers, UI Designers, UX Designers, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers" Searching for other titles can help you find positions you haven't seen yet.

    Your first few jobs in design will really shape your career, try to be thoughtful when you put yourself out there, it can be a lot of work to get your foot in the door at quality places. But, it pays off down the road.

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