It's ok to quit, right?

over 3 years ago from Jay Cruz

  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 3 years ago

    I graduated art school right at the start of the recession. It was beyond depressing for my entire class as everyone struggled to land a job. One by one, I watch my colleagues give up and moved fast food jobs, which most are still their today.

    I was lucky and had such a welcoming family. I lived out a suitcase for over a year sleeping on their couches and working on their houses. I become a joke of the family, but I was very determined. I applied to around 50 companies up and down the east coast and only got 4 interviews before I got hired. I didn't apply to any job, I did ones that match my strengths with technology. I stalked hundreds of companies on social media. I send out work promotion pieces that weren't hiring.

    I stumpled upon a 9 month full time internship for an ad agency. Here, I did print, packaging, to even filming a real national commercial. I had a blast in real world experiences.... then still no one would hire me. I just about to give my dream at the end of the week... my family was done with me.... then I got two interviews at the end of that week. One said I had skills and they needed people ASAP. I had the best time of my life at that job. Sometimes when you about to give up, opportunity tends to appear.

    Don't give up.

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    • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, over 3 years ago

      couldn't have said it better myself :)

      I too graduated into a recession...

      the whole year I was pounding the pavement, working crappy mcjobs to make ends meet, and mainly getting nothing but 'come back when you'e 'DONE' something style interviews... no one wanted a graduate...they wanted someone with experience, but no one was handing out the experience...

      then, 'one fateful day' i handed my resume into a place that designed and printed billboards. ...not exactly the design job I was hoping for, but it was something... and the interview went really well...

      over the next two weeks, I would phone every few days to talk to the designers that had interviewed me... luckily they weren't annoyed... and they hired me.

      after a whole year of nothing, I suddenly had a decent job.

      the 6 months I spent working there were amazing. and with the real-world experience, my portfolio went from 'student work' to actual real projects. The next leap came much easier.

      in other words....NEVER give up... that's honestly the only difference between a successful designer and someone who isn't. JUST KEEP GOING!!!!!

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