• Joe Roberto, 2 years ago

    I spent years giving away free/insanely cheap work. This allowed me to fully understand the career & business around design beyond whats taught. This also was the quickest way to build a 'word of mouth' marketing campaign. I had local design agency's/businesses's bashing me on facebook for a while in my beginning due to customers asking them if THEY would do free work like I would. They would post things like 'NO we will NOT work for free, we have to actually pay bills'.

    This technique will keep you always evolving, and will have the most up-to-date portfolio of your work. I have seen 100's of designers come out of school with all the same work in their portfolio, this will get you no where. Invest your 'time' into getting your hands dirty as soon as you can, and it will pay off exponentially down the road.

    Long story short.. don't give up. Instead, do the exact opposite... dive in deeper.

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