• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 3 years ago

    I certainly hope there have been more conversations about what Facebook's design and experience priorities are.

    The entire FB experience is like a drug that is actively trying to keep you addicted. If I was a design lead or product lead at Facebook I wouldn't be comfortable having such a huge team if what ends up getting built are things like messenger streaks or putting Snap/Insta style stories in everything. Thank god they killed off FB games.

    I used to use Facebook regularly, and now I barely use it for Events and birthday tracking. It feels like Facebook is just resting on their ever more polished laurels.

    Sadly this aspect of Facebook is not being discussed in favor of the sexier privacy stuff which is hardly unique to Facebook.

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    • Samantha S, 3 years ago

      The designers are complicit and their silence on the matter speaks volumes. They are getting paid ridiculously well and have no incentive to 'bite the hand that feeds them', for lack of better words.

      I used to look up to the fb as an employer and their work culture until I learned of their user research crossing ethical boundaries by manipulating user news feeds to see if they could mess with their emotions without informed consent [1] which statistically speaking, given their user population size, negatively contributed to users with depression arguably influencing them towards committing suicide unbeknownst to them, like they are some disposable lab rats. This is despicable and inhumane without informed human consent.

      1. https://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/30/technology/facebook-tinkers-with-users-emotions-in-news-feed-experiment-stirring-outcry.html
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