• Dragoș Jurca, over 1 year ago

    Go to your project folder. Go to the components page, not the prototypes page. Duplicate the component that you want to change. Now go back to your prototype, insert the copied component and edit its text/color/etc. And yes, Atomic is the fastest and most versatile tool at the moment.

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    • Joe CJoe C, over 1 year ago

      So, if I'm designing a page for data input. I have 25 pieces of info to capture so I want to use 25 text-fields. I need to create 25 duplicates of the text-input to have this functionality? And if I need to mockup another page, another 25 duplicates?

      I really really want to use Atomic, but this is not sustainable. I don't see how something can be classed as a component if it's not editable.

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