In Web Design, Everything Hard Can Be Easy Again(

over 5 years ago from Kevin Suttle, Design Systems Engineering Lead at @Webflow

  • Marcel van Werkhoven, over 5 years ago

    Experience matters but in different ways than most other professions. I think that if you learn the right problem solving skills it doesn't matter if you build a website in Divi, Webflow, Dreamweaver or code everything by yourself. It will be a good website regardless of the tools you use.

    However, you need to spend some time to actually learn the tools and the process and improve your skills. Most of the sense of 'overwhelming' comes from folks who think that they can just learn how to build a website in 2 hours or turn their Sketch design into a perfectly implemented website within a day.

    It takes time and people seem less and less willing to spend time to learn and/or build things. About 5 years ago when I started doing this professionally I spend hours and days debugging for Internet Explorer 8. Something that seems to have disappeared completely (thank god). As a front-end dev I think things have gotten way easier.

    I also think at times we get too caught up in the process and tools and don't think enough about the end result. I mean, stuff like Sass or Less is not necessary and a static HTML page has little use for React or Vue. Just because the tools are there doesn't mean you need to use them.

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