• Rachel SinonRachel Sinon, 3 years ago

    Our process looks something like this:

    PM, PD, & PMK have a monthly meeting together to discuss new projects

    PD creates flows & mocks with copy that they write. Before uploading the mocks to Invision, we add underscores before and after copy that hasn't been "finalized" (mainly so devs know that they will need to update if looking at mocks) [Example: ___This is copy that needs some love___]

    PD adds copy from designs to a google doc that is structured page by page and formatted (h1, body copy, links, buttons.) This is annotated with some notes on user behavior or pieces of the flow & includes a link to the invision

    PMK is added to google doc and adds comments suggesting revisions

    PM, PD, & PMK discuss revisions and approve (or, if not approved, the cycle continues until we reach a consensus or user test options)

    Once everything has been approved, devs are added to the copy doc and add the "finalized" copy to the code

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