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    Initially me (the designer), the Product Manager and the UX Copywriter discuss on the project big details, design aspects, limitations, technical issues. This could involve developers, it usually depends on what feature/product we are working on.

    Afterwards, when everything is clear, I would work along with PM, I usually have an Invision prototype with WIP, where all people involved are invited, and can see the progress. For the actual copy usually I will have something like real texts and never use "Lorem ipsum". This would help everyone to understand what are the actions, descriptions, "lorem ipsum" would never work when you have some Call-to-actions or some complex information.

    When the design is "final", the UX Copywriter would review once more all the copy, comment on the Invision prototype with all the improvements, I would then update the Sketch file, sync again and mark the comment as resolved. Also the UX Copywriter is responsible with the localization.

    I am also looking to integrate in this process some other tools that could simplify the whole workflow - ContentSync ( https://www.contentsync.io/ ) could help us, but I am still not sure at the moment.


    Designer should have real copy, even if it's not final. I use Invision for collaboration. The prototypes shouln't be always final, real-life app replica.

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