• Marcel van Werkhoven, 3 years ago

    These challenges are most common when an experienced copywriter isn't doing all the content: - Clients never have enough copy but they know everything they do inside and out. - They don't have a clue how to structure their site.

    Over the years I've implemented the following process: 1. We figure out the main goal of every page in the sitemap (what should the user do here, why does it exist?)

    1. We build a rough 'framework' of elements that we think are needed for this page. (like an overview page can look like this, while a case study page should have these elements)

    2. We put in the content that the client has delivered for every page (which is never enough) to see what's missing (for example testimonials)

    3. We curate the delivered content(based on SEO and tone of voice) and add missing content where we can (microcopy / CTA's)

    4. We sit together with the client to make the final tweaks to the content so it's both SEO friendly but also factually correct

    You have to find some way to work on the content together with your client because you can't possibly know your way around every topic and business. Most of them also can't imagine what the content on the web will look like without having seen a page design first.

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