• Jon Moore, 3 years ago

    Hey Riho!

    Thanks so much for this thoughtful comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you that animation is important, and can certainly improve the user experience. iOS is a great reference point because the animations disappear into the background...they're not just flair for the sake of being flair.

    In articles like this, I tend to exaggerate a little bit knowing that readers will dilute the insights and takeaways anyway. A polarizing statement like "animation doesn't matter" tends to stick with you longer, and in the long run, hopefully makes you more thoughtful during execution.

    Designers at our agency use animations in their work all the time, but never before finishing a page. I think that was the biggest point I was trying to make, and from your comment, it seems like you got that :)

    Thanks for adding to this discussion! I hope people come across your comment and give it a read through. Nice work.

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