• Tony GinesTony Gines, 2 years ago

    Got an invite. Also underwhelmed. Figma is way ahead so far.

    As a web software designer, mostly for desktop users, I am constantly frustrated by the huge push to native prototyping tools. It seems simple enough to build a tool that mimicks css capabilities like flexbox and padding. Having to rely on extensions that partly get you there is frustrating.

    Here's what I want in a tool:

    • Dynamic buttons
    • Padding/Margins
    • Components with dynamic elements like text/images
    • Flexbox layout methods
    • Individual border attributes (top, right, bottom, left)

    That's really it. I can rely on other tools for icon design and vector stuff. I can rely on other tools for amazing animation. I can even rely on other tools for dev handoff. But I'll be damned if I want to make a box with text and have it dynamically change size or want to put a bottom border on a box without faking it with a shadow or drawing a line and pinning it to the bottom.

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