• Scott SavarieScott Savarie, 2 years ago

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    The reason we went with timeline on the left is we didn't want to duplicate the layers list just in a tiny window along the bottom of the screen, we also feel like this is a better workflow for when you many layers animating. Another consideration was that the width of the timeline only needs to accommodate for 2-3ish seconds, unlike something like AE where you'd be working with a very long timeline and multiple keyframes. All that being said, our assumptions could be wrong, and we might adjust the layout as we go. Agreed it's not the best for desktop designs, we need some way of resizing it at least.

    I'm curious what's going on with components for you? Right now we allow: - Double clicking into a component instance to directly override the component - Editing Master and having those changes propagate back to component instances (while retaining any overrides) - Resetting size and overrides

    Another area of improvement we're looking at for components is to automatically set the layout inside them once they're created. Right now if you wanted to make a resizable button for example, you need to set the background layer to 100% width and height, and pin your text center middle. Then when you resize the component instance everything repositions / resizes accordingly. Additionally—to your wishlist point—once we introduce component states, and state-to-state interactions, they'll become even better (I personally can't wait for this one).

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