• John Williams, 2 years ago

    Just went for a spin. It's nowhere near release. Here's what I've found on my first time using it.

    • Missing SVG Export.
    • You can only export one size at a time and it's limited to only .5x, 1x, 2x. RIP Android and iPhone X users.
    • Missing Border Radius for individual corners.
    • It doesn't snap to the margins between your objects. Say you have three boxes with 20px margins. It doesn't know that the 4th box you create needs 20px margins.
    • The animation pane is more confusing to use than Principle and Haiku.
    • Copy and Paste from Illustrator is missing fills.
    • Zooming is very slow.
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    • Aaron WadeAaron Wade, 2 years ago

      Some of these functions are actually in the app, just hard to discover (individual border radius, for instance). I'm not sure when the right time to submit feedback is though, so I've been holding back in case I stumble across something I thought wasn't there, but is... somwhere..

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    • Scott SavarieScott Savarie, 2 years ago

      Hey John!

      • SVG Export, oh god I know, we need to get this in. We've just been balancing the bigger features with some of the table stakes features, and this one hasn't made it in yet. I have a much better export ux specced out and ready to roll. We'll get it in soon.

        • Re border radii, this actually exists, just add multiple values in the radius input like you would in css. So: "10 5 5 0" for example. No commas or semi-colons needed.
      • We have a larger fix for panning and zooming which will likely hit the next release. We ended up pulling it out of 0.10.3 at the last minute as we didn't feel like it was good enough.

      • An extra info on the Illustrator import would be really helpful for us to debug and improve the feature!

      • Curious what you found confusing about the Timeline Editor, could you share more details?

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