• Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 2 years ago

    Good feedback here Parker!

    The split vertical vs horizontal panel discussion is a good one. Vertical (like it is today) prioritizes more room for layers (anticipating having more layers stacked vertically in panel) and collapses on the time-based side of things (assuming interactions will typically be much shorter vs their video counterparts which prioritize based on length of clip vs amount of layers present). This was why this decision was made, however if you find yourself scripting longer animations where time-based component becomes a bigger focus I can see where ability to switch or toggle this behavior would be super helpful... nice insight!

    Components are one area of intense focus as well right now. Overrides in some ways are so 'right there' that they can be easy to miss when you come to a more UI-driven approach to them. Really dig the 'apply to all instances' feedback, thats a nice timesaver. We've played with a few iterations of this here to link instances and such. Looking for the best balance of being immediately intuitive while having long-term power for users who are digging in deep over time.

    Pre-comps you say? I haven't heard it referred to in this way but I like where your head is at. And without letting the cat out of the bag yet, you're VERY much thinking in the right direction. We have to nail down super tight some of these core preceding items, but once thats done we're going very deep with nested stuff like this (especially with timeline metadata as part of it)... it gets crazy helpful at that point and the stacking use cases are really fun. More to come here, have been playing with some internal experiments on that already that we can share more on soon.

    This comment was super helpful- thx for the actionable feedback my friend- looping into the team now!

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    • Parker Hutchinson, 2 years ago

      thanks for replying and passing along my feedback! P.S. the "pre-comp" term comes from After Effects its how you can create nested animations.

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