• Parker Hutchinson, 2 years ago

    I want to like it, but they are very far away from launch imo(like early summer). The components right now don't make any sense. Timeline view layout is perplexing, in what world is the timeline split 1/3(editor) 2/3(preview) vertical?! (you can see a preview on the website) without an option to resize or move into traditional timeline editor layout. It had a huge performance bump from the latest build so hopefully they can at least achieve Figma level of perf.

    There is a lot of development left to do as the team mentioned in the release notes from yesterday. So with that being known my feelings right now are Meh. It's not bad but again its not as revolutionary as they would want you to believe. The new animation tool is really nice(regardless of the layout).

    I want to address some of the comments on here:

    1. The animation timeline is nothing like sketchs prototype tool. sketch's version is VERY prototype where as Invision Studio timeline is more like this cool plugin for sketch.

    2. for the web app haters. Im curious what you think of VSCode or Discord? both very performant, and in the case of VSCode the most performant. VSCode is a marvel or engineering, its easily the fastest code editor I've used. Also I was shocked to know Discord is react/electron as well. that app puts slack to shame. In the case for both Figma and Invision studio, they use canvas and webGL renderers for the drawing layers. Meaning it is a hardware accelerated application so there is opportunity for further perf enhancements.

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