• Batuhan Dogan, 2 years ago

    I agree. They lied to us by shouting "JANUARY 2018". Then, they said, "oh, we MEANT EARLY ACCESS in January 2018". Still no early access. Bohemian Coding has a a great team who make great releases on right time. I dont think anyone can compete with Bohemian Coding.

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    • Joshua TurnerJoshua Turner, 2 years ago

      What you've described has become super common unfortunately.

      I ordered this dock from HengeDocks last January, with the shipment scheduled for April. Then July. Then September. Then December. Then March. Now April again.

      Being able to release your product when you say you will is as important as what you're releasing. If you're unsure of the deliverable timeline, don't give one.

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    • John Jackson, 2 years ago

      There's no way I could see myself using Studio for any production work in its current state, so I can only imagine how it would have been in January.

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